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Low and Slow, Lean and Mean!

New Year’s Day marks a time to evaluate and start life changes. The #1 resolution? A new DIET.  

SURPRISE! You don’t need to give up the flavors and satisfaction of great BBQ to stay on track! In fact, low and slow offers serious benefits; i.e. lean protein, retains nutrients, anti-oxidants, and anti-microbial agents, while enjoying the rich BBQ flavors.

So, how does smoking, low and slow fit into your diet strategy?

  1. HOLD THE SAUCE! Done right, great smoked, low and slow cooking allows the richness of moist, tender, flavor to shine thru on meats, seafood and vegetables. NO SAUCE REQUIRED is a key to what separates Crazy Good Barbeque! When we joined our friend Chef Jasper Mirabile, (chef/owner of the renowned, Jasper’s Restaurant), on his food show “Live from Jasper’s Kitchen,”, he said this about smoked meat drenched in BBQ Sauce, “It makes you wonder, what are they hiding in there?”
  2. Low and Slow smoking of meat and seafood are good sources of protein. Consuming an appropriate portion, with a salad, or to compliment clean sides, can elevate a lunch or dinner for you or the whole family. Reports show that smoked meat and seafood can also offer a good supply of antioxidants and anti-microbial agents.
  3. Great BBQ is trimmed and seasoned properly, cooked low and slow, achieves the perfect balance of sweating excess fat while retaining the healthy nutrients. It’s extremely important to not over-season, sauce or glaze, so you do not add unhealthy amounts of sodium and sugar.
  4. BBQ isn’t just meat! BBQ can offer big flavors from a vegetables too. A perfectly smoked vegetable will have even the meat-eaters will be thinking, “Wow! That looks good!”
  5. Portion Control: OK, this is a tough one as many BBQ restaurants serve in abundance. Take control: Order what you want and need. HOLD the rest.  Also, be an opportunist: when ordering, ask for a “To Go” container with your meal. Portion your meal as soon as you get it. You achieve portion control, AND you get the bonus of another meal or snack, ready to go!

Satisfaction from your food is critical to diet success. BBQ’s robust flavors and tenderness can be your reward, while reinforcing your commitment to weight loss, and a healthier diet.